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Iain Duguid



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Who is this guy?

Creative Copywriter | Digital Content Creator | Copywriting Coach | More!

I'm a Creative Copywriter based in Melbourne with a focus on audio and digital media.


Right now, I'm out on my own, helping businesses and people bring big and small ideas to life through high-quality content and commercials.


Previously, I was Head of Creative at Image On Line - an audio-based production studio utilised by many small- to medium-sized businesses. Before that, a copywriter and producer (in the project management sence) at Southern Cross Austereo.


I was involved in many commercial campaigns airing on Fox FM and Triple M, Melbourne, and their respective Hit and Triple M Network radio stations across Australia. Many of these spots were heard on Nova and ARN affiliated stations.


My Native Digital Content has been sponsored and published on SCA's digital platforms, and blog content is published on the sites of a number of small-to-medium Melbourne businesses.


​I have taught (and continue to coach) the art of writing for radio at Radio Training Institute (no longer operating) - with many graduates securing positions at radio stations across the country.


I have also been a Guest Speaker, helping organisations understand ways in which they can use radio – and audio - effectively.

Australian Commercial Radio Award

Best Sales Promotion (Finalist).

Dr Oetker Logo Blue.png

Mumbrella Entertainment Marketing Awards 2018
Best Branded Sponsorship or Product Integration (Shortlisted)

MFA Awards 2016

Best Demonstration of Results.


“We had a record week, we’ve never had as successful week as we’ve had this year.”

Natalie Warren-Smith

Myer: General Manager of Brand and Consumer Strategy. 'Biggest Kid In the Family' campaign.  ​

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Australian Commercial Radio Award



The 'Biggest Kid In the Family' Campaign achieved massive results. Native editorials over-delivered on reach by 84%. 

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The Ford Ranger Finals Series Campaign increased awareness of the Ford Ranger by 350% and elevated brand consideration by 110%. 

Weekly national radio campaigns on Southern Cross Austereo (SCA)

and Australian Radio Network (ARN) stations.


Take a listen!

There's a good chance that you've heard my voice on Australian radio. I once was a voiceover used on 10 second recorded commercials by Australian Traffic Network (ATN). 

I doubt you ever think "who was a voice of those radio ads," but if it ever comes up in conversation, you can now say you know who one of the ATN voices was.

Iain Duguid Voiceover Demo - :)
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Iain Duguid Voiceover - ATN Commercials
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